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There are a few signs you should contact an Upstate Crawl Space expert:

Keeping Your Home Dry Creates a Healthier Environment + Protects Your Investment.

Many of the problems that arise in your crawl space are easily neglected when your crawl space is not inspected on a regular basis. The conditions of your crawl space can have an impact on the safety and value of your home that can be very costly if they are not addressed.

One of the most common issues that arise in crawl spaces is excess moisture. Often, moisture in crawl spaces develops when hot and humid air from outside enters your crawl space through your vents. This warm air that enters your crawl space will rise and cause mold to grow and wood to rot, leading to damages to the structure of your home. Wood and Electric components in your crawlspace may suffer great damage from the humidity levels in the air as well. Much of this air entering your crawl space during these humid months will also enter your living space through cracks in your subfloor.

Our encapsulation systems completely seal your crawl space, resolving your crawl space issues and preventing further problems. Encapsulations have been proven to act as the best long-term solution to maintaining a healthy crawl space. Crawl space encapsulations allow for a conditioned crawl space free of any moisture from the ground or outside air.

Upstate Crawl Spaces provides encapsulations that will include the sealing of your crawl space's floor, piers, and walls. Our encapsulations use a thicker plastic that is designed to seal your crawlspace and protect it from outside air as well as water intrusion.


When sealing your crawl space, we will also install a dehumidifier. The encapsulation system allows your crawl space to keep the relative humidity below 60%, which will prevent mold from being able to grow. One way to control the moist air that enters your crawl spaces environment is through the sealing of the vents. Without sealing your vents, the dehumidifier would not stop running because of the humid air continuously entering your crawl space.

A dehumidifier is the best way to reduce the humidity levels in the crawlspace and control water vapor. At Upstate Crawl Spaces, we offer a variety of dehumidifiers based on the size and humidity level of your crawl space. Most Encapsulation Systems that are installed require a dehumidifier to function properly.

While the encapsulation system seals your crawl space from outside and ground moisture, the dehumidifier will dry out the air as well as wood or insulation that is damp.

Dehumidifiers installed will be automatic and regulated based on the humidity in your crawl space. When humidity levels increase, the dehumidifier will begin running until the desired humidity levels are reached. The dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air and prevents the build up of condensation on your air ducts. A dehumidifier will also assist your encapsulation in making your home more energy efficient by circulating air throughout the crawlspace.

We've Got You Covered.

There are many benefits to a completely sealed crawlspace:

Indoor Air Quality

Much of the air in your crawlspace is circulated into your home through ductwork, the HVAC unit, and any openings in your sub-floor. An encapsulation will allow your crawlspace to be in a controlled environment through the sealing of the walls. This ensures that the air in your crawlspace will always be healthy and clean when entering your home.

Mold Prevention

An encapsulation system will also allow your crawlspace to maintain healthy humidity levels which will prevent mold and fungal growth.

Reducing Risks of Structural Damage

Maintaining your home's foundation begins with keeping your wooden support beams and all your floor joists dry. An encapsulation will allow your crawlspace to be in a controlled environment.

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