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Mold Remediation + Removal

Mold Thrives in Moist Environments Like Those Found Under Your House.

Mold and mildew growth presents great health risk to you and your home when not treated properly. Mold thrives in damp and humid environments where the relative humidity is above 60%. The moisture in the air is enough to allow mold to grow on the floor joists. Mold left untreated will lead to dry rot and deterioration of the structural integrity of your home.
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We Help Protect Your Home From Damage Caused by Mold + Mildew.

Any home with visible mold should be inspected by a professional to evaluate the current conditions of the mold. We will use a moisture reader to determine the wood moisture content under your home. This will allow us to properly treat the mold and provide you with the most effective solutions to bring the wood moisture content below 15%.

If the mold growth is only minor, we will treat the mold to remove the surface mold from the floor joists. With more extensive mold damage, remediation may be necessary. After treatment of the mold, we will provide you with dependable, long term solutions that will prevent moisture from accumulating. Our mold remediation technicians are specialized in removing mold and treating affected areas in your crawl space.

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