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Standing water and flooding is something no homeowner wants to experience. Water can enter crawl spaces through ground water and from rainfall. We offer moisture remediation services to rid of standing water and prevent future flooding. At Upstate Crawl Spaces, we are very detailed in our French drains, as they are the most efficient drainage system for crawl spaces that experience flooding.
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Keeping Water Out Is Our Business.

A French Drain is a drainage system that consists of a trench along the footer of your crawl space with a protected pipe and gravel that is best for water flow. The water is caught by the drain along the perimeter of the crawl space as it enters the crawl space. Our drainage systems keep your crawl space dry and free of water during heavy rains.

Water is directed into the trench to where it will flow to the low spot of your crawl space where the water will accumulate in a large basin.

Inside our basin we install a durable, Lifetime Warranty sump pump that will pump the water out of your crawl space and away from your yard so that it is properly drained.

This drainage system will prevent water from traveling under the foundation of your home, protecting it from any structural damage.

Internal French Drains are the most effective and best solution for standing water accumulating in your crawl space.

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